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The fairer credit manifesto

We're calling time on unfair credit.

For transparency and control, Big Credit's cards just don't cut it. We say it's time they put financial health first.

Here's how

Scrap the complex chargesRevolving balances, backdated interest and hidden fees make understanding true costs too difficult.
Bin the minimum paymentIt was designed to drag repaying out and costs the customer more in the long run.
Quit the tricks in the fine printCatching people out with temporary 0% interest deals is two-faced and a trust killer.

The banks and providers that dominate our wallets built their products for the bottom line, not for the customer.

Confusing charges and sneaky fees might be good for profits, but they’re also why so many people get trapped in debt or scared off using credit cards.

And everybody loses – with poorer financial health or by missing out on all the benefits a credit card has to offer. This has to stop.

Credit cards have a trust problem and Big Credit is to blame.
Fairer Credit means transparency and control


And it's what we want for every borrower, everywhere.

To know what they're getting into and always see the way out.

So here's our vision to point the way.

Fairer credit...
Shows you the real costs up frontWith a crystal-clear breakdown of charges.
Gives you a plan to repay from day oneSo you can easily manage your finances.
Never hits you with hidden feesSo there’s no worrying about surprises.

But we're not holding out for Big Credit.

We're building it ourselves.