Tymit has revolutionised the credit card, making it more transparent, fair and simple to use. So why wouldn't you want one?

1. You don't want a 'Matrix' card.

The Tymit card design has been compared to the 90's cult classic film trilogy The Matrix and we think it's a huge compliment. You'll certainly get people talking with the striking navy blue and green design, coupled with the unique vertical stacking of the card number. If you prefer the boring horizontal look, Tymit is not the card for you.

2. You don't want complete control at your fingertips.

Tymit is the first credit card that gives you the ability to choose an instalment plan for any purchase, the second you make it. You'll get an instant notification on your smart phone and at the touch of a button you can choose a plan of between 3 - 24 months, with any interest quoted in pounds not confusing percentages. However, if you'd prefer to make a long winded loan application, which leaves a mark on your credit file, Tymit is not for you.

3. You don't want the ability to plan your borrowing.

Unlike traditional credit cards, the Tymit app has an inbuilt purchase simulator. This allows you to not only see how much interest you will pay, based on the instalment plan of your choice, but also visualise how it will change your monthly bills. If you're happy to only find out how much interest you'll pay once it's been applied to your statement, Tymit is not the card for you.

4. You don't want the flexibility to adjust your repayments.

Tymit offers the benefits of a store card or loan with one major difference, you can adjust your repayments at anytime with no penalties or fees. For example, you spread the cost of your new smart phone over 12 months and pay off 6 instalments, you then get an unexpected bonus from work and want to clear the outstanding amount. You simply launch the Tymit app, click on the plan and reduce it down to zero, and you will be able to pay the remainder at the end of the month in full, no fees and no penalties. If complete financial flexibility is not something you're looking for, Tymit is not for you.

5. You don't want a credit card that can save you money when you travel.

Tymit is the perfect travel companion! There are no fees on spending abroad and no fees from Tymit on cash withdrawals up to £200 per month, you can also pair this with our unique bundling feature to manage you budget. The bundling feature allows you to group your hotel and flight with purchases like restaurants and attractions, which helps you keep track of your spending and finance the whole trip across 3 - 24 months. If you're not looking for a credit card that helps you travel with complete peace of mind, Tymit is not for you.

Tymit is the first credit card designed to put you in complete control of your spending, helping you always have a plan to clear your balance and providing transparent costs on your instalment plans.

Isn't it time you experienced the credit card, reinvented? Click here to download the app and apply for your account in minutes.

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Tymit LTD is a company registered in England and Wales (No. 10827757), authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under firm reference number 796994 and is also registered with the Payment Services Regulator (PSR) for providing payment services. Postal address 5 Merchant Square, London, W2 1DP.

The Tymit Card is issued by Transact Payments Limited (TPL), a company incorporated in Gibraltar with registered address 6.20 World Trade Center, 6 Bayside Road, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA and company registration number 108217. TPL is authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission as an electronic money institution and is a member of the Visa card scheme.

For general inquiries please write to hello@tymit.com

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