We won a grant from Innovate UK 🏆

We're supporting smarter spending and making Tymit greener.


Tymit Team

London, UK

Good news from Team Tymit 😀

We've won a grant from Innovate UK!

It's a real stamp of approval 💯 for our mission to make credit more flexible and transparent.

But it's also an opportunity for us to play our part in the post-Covid recovery. 💪

And do a little something for the planet at the same time.

Read all about what it means below.

Sustainable innovation 💡

Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation. Through its Sustainable Innovation Fund, it’s investing £191 million over the next two years.

The aim is to help rebuild all sectors of the UK after the effects of Covid-19 by supporting innovative research and development projects.

Thousands of organisations and businesses applied. And we’re proud to say we’ve won a grant of £175,000. 🏆

Here’s how we’re going to use it.

Supporting smarter spending 💳

The UK economy has taken a big hit over the past few months.

And the upshot is a lot of people aren’t feeling as confident about spending, even if it’s on something they really need.

But whether it’s replacing broken white goods or getting your boiler fixed, there’s some stuff that just can’t wait. ⏱️

So there’s a need for flexible, transparent credit that people feel they can control. Credit that gives them a clear plan to pay it back, with upfront costs and no surprises.

Tymit’s instalments give consumers complete transparency 🔍 from the start. And this kind of control creates confidence.

Even better, we offer our instalments anywhere Visa is accepted, meaning Tymit users can pay for essential repairs or home appliances knowing exactly what it’ll cost them and when they’ll have paid it off. 👌

When you give people these kinds of spending options, managing their finances becomes so much easier. And that can help take the pressure off at a difficult time.

Making Tymit greener 🌱

We’re also using the grant to become more environmentally sustainable.

That means we’ll be trying to go 100% paperless 🌳, and we’ll be looking into more eco-friendly card designs.

Tymit users will be hearing more updates on all of this soon.

Eyes on the prize 👀

We’re so grateful for the support from Innovate UK. 🙏

Their backing is another sign we're on the right track.

But we’re keeping our eyes on the real prize and staying focused on our mission. 🚀

To make credit more flexible, safe and honest, for better financial health and peace of mind.

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