Travel costs less with Tymit: how to save on your spending abroad

Sun, sea and savings. It’s what summer’s all about when you travel with Tymit.


Tymit Team

London, UK

If you’re counting down the days to your next holiday abroad, think carefully about the travel credit card you plan to take along with you.

Hidden extras, like international transaction fees and poor exchange rates, could quickly take a chunk out of your holiday budget. That’s why we’ve got every Tymit customer covered with the features and benefits they need to spend abroad with confidence.

Saving on your holiday spending with Tymit

No transaction fees

Unlike most credit cards, we don’t add charges for using your Tymit card abroad. That means no ‘non-sterling transaction fees’ added as a percentage on your monthly bill, no flat costs added each time you spend, nothing. What you see on your receipt is what you pay.

No sneaky exchange rates

Exchange rates change daily, but what you can count on is that we’ll never load anything on top of the rate we offer you through Visa. When you spend with Tymit, you’ll be getting access to the best exchange rate possible – the wholesale rate – with nothing sneaked on top.

Tip: make sure you always spend in the local currency when you use your Tymit card abroad. You might be asked if you want to let the terminal do the exchange so you can pay in pounds, but you’ll get the exact Visa rate if you pay in the local currency and let us take care of the rest for you.

Free ATM withdrawals

You can take out up to £200 per month for free with Tymit, and that includes when travelling abroad. We won’t charge you anything for withdrawing cash from an ATM, and because we offer the Visa exchange rate, you could wind up better off than if you used a bureau de change.

Tip: always check if the ATM you’re using charges fees first. While you won’t be charged anything by Tymit, the ATM operator may apply a flat fee for using the machine. The same rule applies here about spending in the local currency, too. An ATM might suggest doing the currency conversion there and then. Say no, withdraw in the local currency, and we’ll give you the Visa exchange rate with nothing loaded on top.

Make extra savings as a Tymit Visa cardholder

Get 6% cashback at

As a Visa cardholder, you qualify for 6% cashback on any reservation you make through All you need to do is set up an account, register your Tymit Visa as your preferred payment card, and book your stays as you normally would. Your cashback reward will be paid directly to your Tymit card 30 – 60 days after you check out of your accommodation, putting some of your travel spend back in your pocket. T&Cs apply.

Get bigger tax refunds when you shop in Europe

Did you know that UK residents are entitled to reclaim tax paid on shopping in the EEA area? Even better, if you’re a Visa cardholder, you can claim back an extra 20% when you make your claim through Global Blue. Get the details on how you can streamline your tax refund experience with Global Blue and pocket that additional refund here. T&Cs apply.

With zero fees almost anywhere you spend and added benefits on top, Tymit might just be your perfect travel companion.

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