Unveiling the Power of Design: Insights from Business & Design Day at Tech Circus, London

Join me on a captivating journey into the Business & Design event at Tech Circus, London. As a member of Tymit's product design team, I immersed myself in strategies fostering communication between design and business leaders. Let's explore the transformative power of design showcased in five insightful talks and discover how these lessons will shape our projects at Tymit.


Tymit Team

London, UK

The heart of the event pulsated with the need to foster communication between design and business leaders. As I networked with fellow design enthusiasts, we delved into strategies aimed at speaking a common language and leveraging design principles to make a profound impact in the business realm.

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The conference boasted five enlightening talks, each offering a unique perspective on driving innovation through design. Morgane Peng's discussion on mastering jargon levels and involving the correct audience in the design process resonated deeply. Rochelle Williams shared valuable insights on Power skills for designers and motivational leadership, leaving a lasting impression. Business & Design was a collaborative platform that brought together business executives and design teams.

The event showcased a myriad of ideas, experiences, and strategies, all contributing to shaping the outward-facing experience of businesses. It underscored the transformative impact design can have on a company's capabilities and its contributions to both business and human outcomes, emphasising the pivotal role of designers in not only securing a seat at the table but also collaborating effectively for outstanding business results. Business X Design offered a comprehensive view of the symbiotic relationship between design and business, addressing challenges at the leadership level.

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Attending the Business & Design event was an enlightening experience that left me equipped with fresh perspectives for my role as a Principal Product Designer at Tymit. I'm eager to integrate these insights into our ongoing projects, contributing to the conversation on the powerful impact of design on business success.

The journey through Business & Design was nothing short of transformative. As we continue to explore the dynamic interplay between design and business, I'm excited about the possibilities and the positive impact we can bring to Tymit.

Written by Santiago Vaquero, Principal Product Designer at Tymit

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