Tymit’s 'Own It' campaign: elevating the standard in instalment payments.

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, we embarked on an ambitious mission with the 'Own It' campaign to redefine how instalment payments are managed and perceived. This initiative isn't just a marketing initiative; it represents our commitment to offering a transparent, fair, and empowering approach to payments for both businesses and consumers.


Tymit Team

London, UK

Insight-Driven strategy: understanding our audience.

The campaign's inception was rooted in a deep understanding of our audience, a crucial element in shaping our strategy. Collaborating with The Octopus Group, we leveraged their expertise to define our customer personas, particularly focusing on Payment Owners in the Retail and Travel sectors. Our research uncovered a significant demand for more transparent and user-friendly payment options, a niche Tymit is poised to fill. These insights were pivotal in tailoring our messaging and approach, ensuring that we resonated with those at the forefront of seeking innovative, customer-centric payment solutions.

Addressing industry pain points.

Our insights revealed that traditional Buy Now Pay Later systems, while popular, often harboured hidden complexities and costs, leading to dissatisfaction among both businesses and consumers. The market is ripe for an alternative that prioritised fairness and clarity. Hence, Tymit's approach is not just about providing a service but about rectifying these pain points, offering a solution that aligns with the evolving needs and values of modern merchants.

A bold narrative for change.

Our message aims to challenge the status quo of the payment world. We are actively advocating for an end to irresponsible and costly BNPL practices that compromise customer relationships and brand integrity. Tymit's alternative stood for simplicity, fairness, and freedom. We dare to question the norm empowering merchants to take back control of their customer relationships and brand experiences.

Visuals and tone: crafting our identity.

The visual identity and tone of the "Own It" campaign are integral to its impact. Drawing inspiration from a range of influential designs, we created a mood board that captured the essence of our vision. This mood board guided not only our aesthetic choices but also the campaign's tone of voice. It portrayed Tymit as a trailblazer in the financial sector, assertive and forthright in its stance. Our approach diverges from the conventional, adopting a manifesto-like style that is intentionally provocative. This direction isn’t just about attracting attention; it is about making a statement and setting ourselves apart as advocates for fairer, more transparent payment practices.

Tymit Own It

Integrating findings and personas.

The Own It campaign is informed by the findings from our initial research, addressing specific pain points and aspirations of our identified personas. We understand that individuals in roles like Payment and User Experience Owners not only seek efficiency in transactions but also value the impact of such systems on their customer relationships and overall business growth. Tymit is addressing these needs head-on, offering solutions that resonate with our audience's core requirements.

A movement towards transparency and empowerment.

The "Own It" campaign is more than just a tagline for Tymit; it is a reflection of our ethos and a call to action for the industry. We are actively shaping a future where financial transactions are more empowering, transparent, and aligned with consumer and business needs. Tymit is not just offering a service; we are championing a cause. Join us as we continue to roll out this campaign, setting new standards in the instalment payment sector. Tymit. Own It.

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